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Stranger than your average, better than your best.

Our story starts with integrity. We are not here to make “a quick buck” and pass it on. We are here to create a movement of individuals who constantly question the status quo and refuse to fall into the routine of the “average”: get good grades, get a good job, get a mortgage and save to have a decent retirement.

When you rock a Stranger timepiece, you’re not trying to be different, you are being yourself. You are wearing a Stranger timepiece to make yourself feel good about what you stand for, what you have accomplished and what you had set out for yourself to achieve.

To us, Confidence is not “walking into a room and thinking you are better than everyone else, but not having to compare yourself to anyone to begin with.”

Do you know what you stand for? Of course you do. Let’s make a statement together and let us be a small part of what you believe in.

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