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My name is “Oh Most Noble, Greek Big Brother, Jumpin’ Jetty Jive Jingles James Jubilee”. Imagine being greeted by every Alpha pledge this way for three years … LOL. If you pledged at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in the early ‘70s you would definitely know me. Fast forward to 2016 and you find a dedicated, 40-year Life Member of the greatest fraternity in the world.

I am a retired Air Force officer with more than 25 years of dedicated military service. For more than 10 years, I worked in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan as a Program Manager, Senior Program Coordinator, Chief Administrative Officer and Acting Director for an international diplomatic NGO. I managed numerous scientific research projects for US government science organizations, coordinating the efforts of fourteen countries.

I am the COO of SJ Time Distributors Inc, where I am responsible for company growth. Over the years, I developed an acquired taste for fine timepieces and became an avid watch collector. The one thing I was never able to find was a watch that allowed me to show the love for my fraternity in a timepiece that met my quality standards … so I decided to design my own. The designs are now finished for several high quality,  unique “Alpha” watches and our company has the license to manufacture and sell them … thus my enthusiasm and excitement!

Brothers, I present to you SJ Time Distributors Inc’s 2016 Exclusive Alpha Phi Alpha Watch Collection.


Brother James Jubilee

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