In this post, we, The Strangers, would like to explore the importance of small details and our obsession with it (sounds cliché but we are Strange after all). Some of you are probably wondering the premise behind our name (Stranger), but more on that in a separate post. For now, let’s focus on the watch itself.

The Case

The objective was to create a subtle case that would make your wrist “pop” yet not draw too much attention. We picked the 304 grade steel for few reasons:

  • It is durable and higher resistance to corrosion than other grades of steel
  • It is non-magnetic, which is an important factor when considering the movements

Akhal Teke

The sides of the case showcase beautiful grain design which adds a character to it by contrasting the matte and gloss finishing.

It is 42mm in diameter which makes it perfect for the wrists of all sizes. At approximately 11mm in height, our watches still fit under the dress shirt and not too thin to make it look too fragile.


Lug to lug, the overall length of the watch is 51mm, which is proportionate against the diameter. Curved and rather short lugs, wrap your wrist and add a comfortable feeling.

The Dial

Full attention to detail comes to life on the dial. Etched dial with horizontal patterns highlight its grace. The absence of the ‘seconds’ hand particularly compliments the simplicity, combined with the 3 sub-dials: the week, the month and the 24 hour.


The hands are very sleek and sexy, not too thick and not too thin. Pointy edges contribute to the entire elegance feel of this dial. Applied markers are baton style, with shorter indexes at 12, 3, 6 and 9.

Orange logo in a cursive typeface is an exquisite touch which heavily contributes to the “classiness” rating of this watch.

It is also interesting to point out 2 hidden design patters on the dial: the 7 index and the “upside down” model name.

First, the 7 index: 7 is a ‘magical’ number.  The number of the occultist and the esoteric.  7’s are secretive, mysterious, stand-offish, intuitive and introspective, which were heavily used in ancient alchemy, mythology and religion. One of the key traits of the number 7 is a non-conformist which also contributes to the ‘Stranger’ name.

Second, the “upside down” model name draws its influence from the Middle English origin upsedoun, to create a sense of inverted fashion, chaotic manner and add distortion, which was the design objective in order to refresh the attention of the watch owner.

The glass on both sides is flat Sapphire Crystal which is a pleasant contribution, in lieu of a more affordable mineral glass. Sapphire Crystal is more scratch resistant and it is actually harder than the Gorilla Glass (used on a lot of smartphones but a lot of Tech companies are now reverting or considering the use of Sapphire Crystal on their smartphones/tablets due to its higher scratch and impact resistance capacity).

The Movement

Stranger watches Thoroughbred Collection are powered by the infamous Miyota 9120. Although we tend to agree that the 900 caliber movements have become somewhat “mainstream and rather usual”, those are still very reliable and affordable alternatives to comparable Swiss movements. We’ve been working with Japanese movements on various collections and there have been no complaints.

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The Caseback

The presentation case displays the movement of the watch and exhibits the self-winding semicircular rotor which winds the mainspring. The caseback includes the unique model number as well as such markings as Automatic, Sapphire Crystal, 5ATM to illustrate some of the watch features.

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Summary Dimensions:

  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case height: 11mm
  • Case Length: 51mm (incl. lugs)
  • Glass: Sapphire Crystal
  • Water resistance: 5ATM (50 meters)
  • Movement: Miyota 9120
  • Hands: Hour and Minute
  • Sub-dials: Week, Month, 24 Hour

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